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Simplifying Wills in Canada: Your Key to Seamless Online Will Writing

Uros Obradovic
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Uros Obradovic

In a world of technological advancements, one area of life that's seen dramatic digital progression is estate planning. Willfinity, an online wills writing company, offers an easy, accessible, and cost-effective solution to creating your legal will. Many customers question the legality and efficacy of online wills, and today we aim to address these doubts and demonstrate why an online will could be the perfect fit for you.

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Understanding the Concept of an Online Will

An online will, as designed by Willfinity, is a personalized legal document created through a series of tailored questions reflecting your personal situation and end-of-life wishes. The result is a customized, legal last will and testament that fits your unique needs.

The Legality of Online Wills

At Willfinity, we frequently encounter concerns about the legal validity of our online wills. Let's clarify: yes, they are legally-binding! However, there are specific steps to be taken to ensure it satisfies the legal criteria of a will in Canada. Legislation varies across provinces, but the essential requirements are universally similar. The legal validity of a will in Canada is not determined by its creation method or the involvement of a lawyer.

Key Legal Requirements for a Will in Canada

Regardless of how you create your last will and testament, it must meet several basic criteria to be legally-binding in Canada:

Age: You must be at least 16 (BC), 18 (AB, ON, MB, NB, NL, PE, QC, SK), or 19(NT, YT, NU, NS). The age requirement varies across provinces.

Mental capacity: You should be of sound mind, fully aware of your actions.

Signing and witnessing: The will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who cannot be beneficiaries of your estate.

Willfinity guides you through this process, ensuring your online will is a valid and legal document.

Advantages of Using an Online Will Platform

Creating your will online via Willfinity offers numerous benefits:

Affordability: It costs significantly less than consulting an estate lawyer, especially for those with a simple estate.

Convenience: No need for appointments or schedule adjustments; create your will at home or work.

Time-efficiency: You can create your will online in less than 20 minutes, at a time that suits you.

Simplicity: Our guided process simplifies will creation.

Who Can Benefit from an Online Will?

If you have assets or investments in Canada, own property, have children or pets, wish to leave specific gifts or donate to a charity, Willfinity can cater to your needs. Also, if you're in a common law relationship, single, divorced, or legally married, an online will could be suitable for you. We can support about 90% of Canadians with simple estates.

When Might You Need Professional Assistance?

While online wills can be extremely useful, there are situations where legal or financial advice might be necessary, such as if you own property outside Canada, wish to disinherit someone, or need to set up a complex trust.

Can an Online Will Be Contested?

Any will, whether created online, handwritten, or drafted by an estate lawyer, can be contested. However, a clearly articulated will is more likely to withstand legal scrutiny.

Updating and Storing Your Will Online

With Willfinity, you can update your will as your circumstances change. However, remember to print, sign and store your updated will properly. Currently, only BC supports online signing or storage of wills. You can register your will on CanadaWillRegistry.org to ensure its location is known when needed.

Using Willfinity Across Canada

Willfinity's platform is available for residents of Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (ON), Prince Edward Island (PE), Quebec (QC), Saskatchewan (SK), including Northwest Territories (NT), Nunavut (NU), Yukon (YT).


In conclusion, Willfinity provides a convenient, simple, and cost-effective solution for creating a legal will. It's the perfect choice for anyone seeking an efficient way to manage their estate planning. Dive into the future of legal will creation with Willfinity.

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